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The Weather in Liguria

The region of Liguria has a Mediterranean climate but it is not so uniform: this is due to the fact that Liguria’s morphology in great measure shows highlands opening on a very warm sea compared to its high latitude.
The main morphological factors, in fact, are the following: the arch-shaped region open towards the South and the mountain range which rises between the French and Tuscan borders.
The distinguishing features of Liguria’s climate are mainly the following:
A moderate difference between the lowest and the highest temperature in a year Extraordinarily mild winter temperatures Scarce rains
Here, visitors can enjoy one of the best microclimates in the Mediterranean, comparable for many aspects with the climates typical of the South-Central coasts of the peninsula.
For example, in the winter season, the minimum temperatures vary on the average, between 7 and 8 °C and the maximum between 13 and 14 °C. In this period, an area of low pressure develops on the Ligurian Gulf, and the Tramontana (north wind) blows on the area around Genoa taking in this way rains and snow at low heights, sometimes at the sea level, especially in some areas of Genoa and East Savona coasts.
As regards the summer, this is a moderately warm season, but somewhat sultry. Usually the day temperatures go over 30 °C only three or four times in the month of July, but often moistness remains high also in the afternoon, amplifying in this way the heat perception, which is made milder only by the sea breeze.
In the hinterland, we find a harsher semi-continental climate, with lower temperatures especially in some valleys of the region slope of the pianura padana area.
The coastal area, the Cinque Terre, the Gulf Paradiso, East Genoa, Pegli, the Baia del Sole (Alassio and Laigueglia) and the whole province of Imperia, which find shelter behind the high mountains, are the mildest Ligurian areas during the winter.
Whereas, the Magra river outlet, the city of La Spezia, Genoa Voltri, Savona and part of Polcevera outlet are the areas with a worse winter climate, because are placed at the mouth of great valleys which link the Mediterranean slope to the basin of the Po valley area.
Therefore, we can say that Liguria is a region that, in comparison with its territory size, has a very large variety of climates.
As follow you can find some little information about the forecast weather in Liguria taking a look to the weather in Genoa (always update):

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