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Studying abroad in Liguria

Would you like to study abroad? The region of Ligura would be a perfect choice. You can study at one of the largest universities of the country, the University of Genova, counting over 40.000 students, while you can spend you free time at the Italian Riviera, where you will find the most beautiful beaches or you can visit the many famous cities Liguria has.
At the University of Genova, or Universita' degli studi di Genova in Italian, you can also choose to do your Erasmus for one or two semesters.

  • Università degli Studi di Genova
    • Via Balbi, 5 - 16126 Genova
    • Tel. +39 01020991
    • fax +39 010 2099227
  • Central Erasmus Office
    • tel. +39 0102099545
    • Fax +39 0102095012
    • E-mail: coopint@unige.it

Erasmus at the University of Genova

The University of Genova, Liguria was founded several centuries ago in 1471 and is now one of the largest universities in Italy. As it is located on the Italian Riviera, the Universita' degli studi di Genova is a perfect location to your Erasmus at for one or two semesters.
Here you will find useful information about your Eramus in Genova
Before leaving your home country make sure you have:

  • a STATEMENT from your home University certifying that you are in Genova as an Erasmus student.
  • Filled out the online APPLICATION FORM for incoming erasmus students and sent it to the University of Genova "Click here for the address"
  • A VISA "if necessary"

After your arrival in Genova it is important to stop by the international/Erasmus office as soon as possible to get registered as an Erasmus student at the Universita' degli studi di Genova. At the office the will also be able to give you more information about for instance important dates, such as the exams, and they will asign you a mentor.


The university's Foreign students' accomodation service SASS will help you look for accommodation after your arrival. The first four days you can stay at a youth hostel free of charge, if you wish to stay at a hostel for a longer period of time, please have a look on their website http://www.ostellogenova.it/.
Useful addresses and contact information:

  • Università degli Studi di Genova
    • Via Balbi, 5 - 16126 Genova
    • tel. +39 01020991
    • fax +39 010 2099227
Application forms have to be send to:
  • Università degli Studi di Genova
    • Servizio Attività Internazionali – Settore XI "International Mobility Office"
    • Via Bensa, 1 - 16124 Genoa Italy
  • Central Erasmus Office
    • tel. +39 0102099545
    • Fax +39 0102095012
    • E-mail: coopint@unige.it
Student association GEG:
  • Servizio Accoglienza Studenti Stranieri "SASS)
    • Dott.ssa Donatella Morello
    • Sig. Stefano VenturaVia Balbi, 22/15 - 16126 Genova - Italia
    • tel.+39 010 209 51349 - +39 010 209 5546
    • fax +39 010 209 51355
    • sass@unige.it
    • Skype: welcomegenova
    • http://www.unige.it/sass/

Useful links:

    Study Italian

    If you would like to study Italian before the courses of your university start, we suggest you have a look at our page 'Study Italian', which gives you some hints on where to study Italian.

    Study Italian in VIareggio

    If you would like to improve your Italian before you start studying at one of Italy's universities or if you want to study the language to be able to communicate with the locals during your holiday in Italy, you can follow an italian language course while enjoying the Italian culture together with the locals and other students.
    Our suggestion to you is the “Giacomo Puccini Centre” in Viareggio. The language school Centro Puccini is located in the centre of Viareggio, next to a park where you can rent bicycles and play tennis. It is within walking distance from one of the most beautiful beaches of Toscany. Throughout the whole year a wide rage of Italian language courses, from standard courses to professional and private courses, are offered to its students.
    Viareggio is rather close to Liguria, which allows you to take some "day) trips, during the weekends or after school, to visit some of Liguria's most wonderful sights, such as the Cinque Terre "50 minutes by train) or Genova. It is also close to several other well-known Italian cities, such as Lucca, Florence and Pisa.

    • Centro Giacomo Puccini
      • Via Amerigo Vespucci, 173 - 55049 VIAREGGIO
      • phone: +39 0584 - 430253
      • fax: +39 0584 - 961275
      • e-mail: infopack@centropuccini.it
      • Website: http://www.centropuccini.it/
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