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Imperia is one of the provinces of Liguria and it is situated in the Riviera dei Fiori. It was born by the union of 11 closer towns by the will of Benito Mussolini. The city is famous not only for its food industries but also for tourism. Oneglia and Porto Maurizio are the main cities from which Imperia born: Oneglia is located to East and is extended on the alluvial plan and it has a major commercial vocation compared to Porto Maurizio that is located to West and is gathered to a headland faced to sea and it tends to be mainly a touristic place.

Imperia was born following up a law of 1922 with which the Government took the power of Public Administration and the 21 of October 1923 a decree law of Vittorio Emanuele III established the union of some closer towns under the name of Imperia: Borgo Sant'Agata; Caramagna Ligure; Castelvecchio di Santa Maria Maggiore; Costa d'Oneglia; Poggi; Torrazza; Moltedo; Montegrazie; Oneglia; Piani e Porto Maurizio. For the choosing of the name, Imperia was used, derived by the name of the torrent that divided the towns and it was fit to the patriotic and fascist politic of the epoch, whom trails are visible to the building between Oneglia e Porto Maurizio ( Municipio, Palazzo delle Poste and l’Ufficio Tecnico Erariale).

During the Second World War, the works to expand this town were obviously blocked: the city was bombarded several times, the prison of Oneglia was destroyed ( famous in all Italy) and the zones in front of the sea were evacuated. After the crisis that is arrived with the end of the Second World War, a seafront was created (Lungomare Amerigo Vespucci), defined “superstrada” because it is a two lanes road for every march, that approached the cities of Oneglia e Porto Maurizio, but on the other hand it makes them more distant.

Today Imperia is mainly a touristic place, the building of a marina was started and there is no more the concept of the obstacle for the distance between Oneglia and Porto Maurizio, on the contrary the distance is a strong point for the form of the city.

At the present, there are some projects to approve that want mainly to proclaim the importance of the city. Imperia’s economy is mainly based on tourism, food industry (olive oil and pasta), agriculture (olive groves and flowers in greenhouses) and on trading and harbour activities.

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