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Welcome to the wonderful Town of Flowers, or if you prefer, the city of Sanremo, the extremely suggestive city which is placed on the western coast of Liguria, in the province of Imperia.

Sanremo (San Rœmu in Ligurian) takes its name from a phonetic contraction of San Romolo, which refers to Romulus of Genoa, the successor to Syrus of Genoa. It is possible to find the term San Remo on all ancient maps of Liguria, such as for example on the ancient Republic of Genoa’s map.

In the past, it was called Matuzia, to remind one of Caio Matuzio's patrician palaces in the city, or, as a popular legend tells, as a memorial to the Matuta Goddess, God of the Sea and Dawn. Its old town is called La Pigna and is characterized by perched houses, steep streets, covered alleys, and little squares, typical of Middle Ages.

It is widely appreciated for its artistic and architectural heritage, but most of all for its wonderful and typical Mediterranean landscape in the surroundings, made up of deep blue sea and steep cliffs behind it.

It is considered the Town of Flowers, because its flowers are well-known all over the world: the city in fact offers a large variety of gardens and parks, with colorful flowerbeds where tropical and several exotic flowers species blossom.

This is possible thanks to its mild climate all year round, due to a privileged geographic position which allows the perfect conditions for growing these rare species. In this way in fact, the temperatures allow the growing of tropical plants in the luxuriant botanical gardens which are largely widespread on all the “Riviera of the Flowers".

Sanremo has become really famous for its flowers production, in fact the species which are cultivated on the hills of Sanremo are then exported throughout the world.

Moreover, in Sanremo there are many buildings of architectonical interest belonging to the Baroque period, the Art Nouveau style, the Romanesque, and also the neoclassic style, so that the visitors can admire the several towers, castles, villas, palaces and churches also belonging to different cultures and religions.

Among its several and charming attractions and opportunities to relax and have fun, Sanremo also offers its Municipal Casino, which, endowed with the newest games, roulettes, slot machines and green tables, draws the attention of the greatest game of chance’ professionals, and also of the risk-lovers who sometimes like to try to bring home good winnings.

For several years now, this liberty style building opened on 14th January 1905, planned by the French architect Eugenio Ferret, preserves the elegance and charm of a place where tourists can spend unforgettable moments.

Every year, Sanremo hosts several selected shows, and among them, there’s the Italian Song Festival, which is probably the most important and popular annual event. This internationally renowned song contest is also the most expected by Italian singers, journalists, and obviously by the Italian public, and it takes place at the Ariston Theatre. And how to forget the world-famous Italian song "Nel Blu Dipinto di Blu", also known as "Volare", performed for the first time by Domenico Modugno during the festival’s edition of 1958. Still today, on each edition, the Festival, which takes place in spring (usually in February or March) grabs and keeps everyone with bated breath until the final chart to know the winner.

But Sanremo is not just a town of art, songs, culture, and flowers, because here you will find all the entertainments you are looking for, and you will have the opportunity to do any kind of sports, such as fishing, diving, canoeing, windsurfing and motor boating, but also golfing, riding, swimming, and fitness facilities.

As for Sanremo cuisine, the typical products and specialties of this town are Sardenara, Focaccia, Focaccia alle Cipolle, Torta Verde, Farinata and Tallesca olives, without forgetting about the great production of high quality Extra Virgin olive oil, produced here and exported all over the world.

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