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Hotels in Liguria

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Restaurants & Pizzerie in Liguria

5 Maggio Dishes containing fish and a wide range of seafood, typical recipes and all types of pizza.
  • Via 5 Maggio, 26 – Genoa
  • Tel. 010-3776969
  • E mail: info@ristorante5maggio.com
Al Rustichello Speciality of Liguria and National cooking, both meat and fish, with fresh ingredients. There is a wide range of starters and dessert of the home. It is closed on Friday.
  • Via San Vincenzo, 59 R – Genoa
  • Tel. 010-588556

Bottega del Re The cooking is based on traditions and it is made modern thanks to a simple and personal reprocessing.
  • Via Guerrazzi 66 R Albaro Genoa
  • Tel. 010-3628687
La gira A typical home cooking with specialities on coal. In summer you can eat open-air under the majestic foliage of the Monumental Live Oak. It is closed on Tuesday.
  • Via Genova 630 Foce della Spezia La Spezia
  • Tel. 0187-700187.

L’arco antico A small restaurant in a palace of ‘800 in an ancient district of Savona. The cooking is made with fresh ingredients. It offers clean and simple dishes ( never more than three ingredients), with a look of the tradition of Liguria.
  • Piazza Lavagnola 26r
  • Telephone and Fax: 019-820938
  • E-mail: info@ristorantearcoantico.it
  • Open: 8 p.m. (with reservation it can open also at lunch); It is closed on Saturday.
All’incontro Two little rooms gathered by an arch, a floor made by terracotta, groin vaults with bricks, are the features that characterized the Restaurant All'Incontro. The starters can include Rice, typical preparation of regional and marinara cooking, but also original creations such as "spaghetti alla chitarra con batt-batti" ( a little rare lobster), le "chicche" with scampi and asparagus, linguine with scampi(Norway Lobster) and lemon.
  • Via Sapri, 10 La Spezia
  • Tel 0187 24116- Fax 0187 735441
Al Castello The restaurant is located in the Castle of Pietra Ligure, a fortresses of XII Century. It offers the traditional ligurian cooking, such as ravioli, buridda and farinata and also cooking containing fish, seafood, mixed fried with fish and oysters. You can also taste a pizza coke in the traditional wood stove. In winter it is open every day except Wednesday ( totally closed), while in the summer it is open every nights from 7 p.m. and closed at lunch, except Saturday and Sunday from 12.30 a.m.
Albikokka it proposes fish and traditional cooking.
  • Via Quarto n° 14 A 16148 Genoa
  • Tel: +39 0103076630
  • E-mail: info@ristorantealbikokka.com
  • http://www.ristorantealbikokka.com
La terrazza The menu is based almost totally on fish that is caught by three boat from which the restaurant restocks. The service of the La Terrazza is very refined. In summer you can eat on the borders of the swimming pool.
  • V.le S. Bartolomeo 394 La Spezia
  • Tel 0187-532.244/ 0187-621.491
Antico forno da Mario the local is situated in an unique floor and it is organized in three distinguished rooms.
  • Struppa 75, 77, 79 R Genoa
  • Tel. 010-809212
  • Closed on Monday
Bella Napoli remember a typical environment of a meridian village of 50’s. The atmosphere that wrap around the client is surely rustic and familiar. Everything is accompanied with a National wine list.
  • Via Gramsci, 175 La Spezia
  • Tel 0187 714.750
Pizzeria Pomodoro The place is rustic, with walls in stones that remember the atmosphere of a cave and the cooking proposes classical and particular pizzas, pizza at chopping broad, farinate, Arabian bread, bread with cold cuts and bread from Recco.
  • Piazza S. Bon 5 La Spezia
  • Tel 0187 739.911
Pizzeria Giada the restaurant is immersed in the green in a position that show the wonderful Imperia Gulf. The local is open every nights, at lunch with reservation, and in every case the reservation is recommended.
  • str. Colla 18100 123 Imperia (IM)
  • Tel: 333 3136827
Gnock It is both restaurant and pizzeria.
  • Calata Cuneo 45 18100 Imperia (IM)
  • Tel: 0183 309996
Ristorante Pizzeria Gli ulivi Situated on hill, it offers big rooms for ceremonies and banquets, de hors, garden, wood stove and SKY Tv Service. Specialities are pizza, rostelle, goat with beans, wild boar with polenta and meat on coal.
  • v. Sen. E. Marsaglia 255 18038 Sanremo (IM)
  • Tel: 0184 557103
Ristorante Pizzeria Il Galeone The atmosphere is comfortable and has a marinara style. The pizza is coke with a wood stove, the cooking is prepared at the moment and specialities, both meat and fish, are accompanied with national wines. Dessert are made by a craftsman..
  • 18038 Sanremo (IM) - 59, c. Marconi
  • Tel: 0184 663058 fax: 0184 663058
Bombay Palace The indian restaurant Bombay Palace offer a comfortable atmosphere and it is almost surreal. It proposes vegetarian dishes, dishes with meat or fish. Typical dishes of Indian cooking are coke in the traditional stove 'tandoor' in terracotta.
  • Via V Maggio, 69 R – Genoa
  • Tel. 010-3742429 closed on Monday.
Ipanema Selected meat spit roasted, buffet, tropical fruits. Always open.
  • Corso Italia 32 E-R Genoa
  • Tel. 010-2928068
  • Mail: prenotazioni@ipanema.ge.it
Ristorante Pizzeria Fonzie Pizzeria with wood stove. Closed on Wednesday
  • v. Sen. E. Marsaglia 83 18038 Sanremo (IM)
  • Tel: 0184 503365
Le bontà nascoste both pizzeria and restaurant. Pizza also at lunch.
  • Via Cavour Lenici
  • Tel: 0187 965500
Ristorante en Traigà It is open all the years. It is located a few distance from the seafront and situated in a 700’ palace Climatizated local
  • Sal. Canata
  • Tel: 0187 966056 / 327 4481977
  • fax: 0187 966056
Pizzeria Fretta E Furia
  • Via XX settembre 8 19032 Lerici (SP)
  • Tel: 0187 971783
Pizzeria Bacetto good pizzas of all kinds. There are also pizza without gluten or pizza with integral flour
  • Via Brigata Partigiana Muccini 14 19038 Sarzana (SP)
  • Tel: 0187-624002
Pizzeria La Cittadella
  • Via Giuseppe Mazzini 150 19038 Sarzana (SP)
  • Tel: 0187 621888
Pappa Pizza Di Ulivi Daniele
  • Via Terzi Arnaldo 26 19038 Sarzana (SP)
  • Tel: 0187 691346
Pizzeria del Ponte in the centre of Recco, a few distance of sea, proposes pizzas and typical ligurian dishes.
  • Via Marconi 16036 Recco (GE) 11
  • Tel: 0185 7698.
Pizza & Co.
  • Lungo mare bettolo 64 16036 Recco (GE)
  • Tel: 0185 723262
Dei Dogiin the marinara district of Camogli, Typical dishes and refined cooking.
  • Via Cuneo La Playa 34
  • Tel: 0185 724407
  • mail: ristorante@cenobio.it
Ristorante Rosa 13the restaurant Rosa offers a beautiful view of the marinara district. The cooking is typical, rich of fish and seafood.
  • Via Jacopo Ruffini
  • Tel 0185 773411 0185 771088
  • fax: 0185 771088
  • mail: ristoranterosa@hotmail.com
Ristorante Vento di Ariel Typical cooking.
  • Via Al Porto 1 16032 Camogli (GE)
  • Tel: 0185 771080
Ristorante pasta e basta
  • Passeg. Guglielmo Marconi 20/A 18039 Ventimiglia (IM)
  • Tel: 0184 230878.
Ristorante la Pergola di Palmiero Luigi
  • Via Roma 6 18039 Ventimiglia (IM)
  • Tel: 0184 351237
  • Fax: 0184 231746
Ristorante Delfino
  • Piazza martiri dell'olivetta 4116034 Portofino (GE)
  • Tel: 0185 269081
Ristorante Il Pitosforo
  • Via Molo Umberto I 9 16034 Portofino (GE)
  • Tel: 0185 269020
Ristorante ö magazin Emighey'S Snc Di Mussini Emilia E C.
  • Calata Marconi 34 16034 Portofino (GE)
  • Tel: 0185 269178
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