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In the Riviera di Levante (the Riviera of the Rising Sun), the municipality of Recco, located between the towns of Sori and Camogli in the province of Genoa, is a lovely seaside resort renowned above all for its typical tasty focaccia con formaggio (focaccia with cheese).

The town, overlooking the Gulf Paradiso, lies in the river outlet and today has become n ideal destination for tourists coming from every corner of the world.

In the past, it was populated by the Casmoriti who belonged to the Ligurian family, and later on, it was conquered by the Romans who founded the ancient town with the name Recina or Ricina. It was in this way that it became a Roman castrum on the well-known Aurelia Road.

As previously mentioned, Recco is well-recognized for its delicious cuisine, rich of both sweet and salty specialties, such s the focaccia with cheese, the pansoti (a special kind of pasta dressed with walnut sauce) and the famous troffiette pasta with pesto.

But the town is also known for its very successful Water Polo team, that is Pro Recco, which competes in Serie A1 (major league) and which won 22 national championships. The last one it was just won in 2008. In addition, it is the only Italian team which won the grand slam (Italian Championship, Water Polo A1 Italian League, Champions League), in season 2006/2007.

Finally, in order to enchant tourists also by night, the city every year organizes on 7th and 8th September the Fireworks Festival aimed to pay homage to the Virgin Mary; on the occasion of this event, the seven town districts (Bastia, Liceto, Spiaggia, San Martino, Ponte, Verzemma, Collodari) set up wonderful fireworks shows and also shots with ancient mascoli, which are the removable posterior parts of ancient cannons. In addition to this great spectacle, you will find seven gourmet food stands full of typical delicious dishes belonging to Recco cuisine.

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