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Riomaggiore is the most eastern village of the Cinque Terre, the first which you meet coming from La Spezia, placed in the narrow valley of the Rivus Maior stream, nowadays covered.
Structured in large steps, the village dates back to 8th century, founded by a group of Greeks which were escaping from the iconoclast prosecution made by Leone 3rd the “Isaurico”.
The small town, colored with the typical Ligurian colors, is made up of Genoese tower houses which are placed along the steep path of the stream.
The new area of the Station, called in this way because it developed only since the second half of the 19th century after the arrival of the railway station, is placed in the contiguous valley of the Rio Finale stream.
In the high part of the village, you can marvel at St. John the Baptist Church, whose construction dates back to 1340, ordered by the bishop of Luni.
It is also possible to visit the Oratorio dei Disciplinari, which dates back to 16th century, whereas on the other side in a high position you will find the ruins of a castle dating back to 15th- 16th centuries.

In Riomaggiore, the Via dell’Amore (Way of Love) begins and leads to all the villages of the Cinque Terre until Manarola; it is a very stunning street where it is possible to marvel at enchanting landscapes, unique in the world, among the waves noise and the sweet smell of nature.

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