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Natural Park of Montemarcello Magra

Natural Park of Montemarcello Magra

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The Natural Park of Montemarcello lies in the borderline between the regions of Tuscany and Liguria, and it consists of an area 4320 hectares large.

The territory includes 18 different municipalities and towns (Ameglia, Arcola, Beverino, Bolano, Borghetto Vara, Brugnato, Calice al Cornoviglio, Carro, Carrodano, Follo, Lerici, Pignone, Riccò del Golfo, Rocchetta Vara, Santo Stefano Magra, Sarzana, Sesta Godano and Vezzano Ligure) and therefore, it can be considered rich of important natural, historical and cultural elements to discover.

The park assembles many different kinds of landscapes: the sea and the coast with its sandy beaches, the rolling hills of the Vara Valley, the Magra Valley rich of flora and fauna biodiversity

The river area includes the Magra river’s stretch which flows in the Ligurian territory and goes up along the Vara river, it main affluent. The protected area along the rivers is made up of a belt which is particularly narrow, although sometimes it is 1000 m large.

Besides the river area, there is also the hills area, made up of the Promontory of Caprione, a stunning and spectacular place of natural and cultural importance, where it is possible to start many excursions. It goes from the town of Arcola until Punta Bianca, located on the sea.

In the valley it is possible to admire at historical towns and castles, and also ancient and picturesque watermills.

As regards the flora, alonf the river the vegetation is mainly made up of willows and alders. Such trees are located on the river banks, together with the euphorbia, the Geranium nodosum, the Hawthorn and other several species typical of a fresh climate.

In the hills area of the park, you can find a wide range of plant life: besides the vegetation typical of the Mediterranean scrub as the holm oak or the myrtle in fact, it is possible to find special species as the Cistus albidus.

As far as the fauna is concerned, the humid area of the Magra river is a perfect habitat for several animal species: here in fact, it is easy to see the grey heron, the purple heron, the mallard, the little grebe, the little egret, the gadwall and many more. Whereas, in the area of Montemarcello, tourists could see mammals such as the hedgehog, the squirrel, the dormouse, the weasel, the badger and the boar.

In addition, the park is also rich of birds, such as blackcaps, goldfinches, thrushes, robins, chaffinches, eagle owls, gulls and many more.

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