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Island of Bergeggi

Isola di Bergeggi

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The little island of Bergeggi is placed in the Riviera di Ponente in front of the municipality of Bergeggi, in the province of Savona. The island is a few kilometers far from the small promontory of Punta Predani. It is part of the Regional protected area of Bergeggi, and it has a medium/high rocky coast which is 53 meters high.
The natural environment includes the Mediterranean scrub. On the cliffs washed by the waves in fact, visitors can find the Samphire and the Statice della Riviera, besides other species as the campanula sabatia and the euphorbia dendroides.
The surrounding marine area was included among the marine conservation areas for the presence of important biological species in its sea beds.
The island has several signs which prove the human settlement on the island since the Roman age. In fact, here you can find a very ancient circular sighting tower and the ruins of a Roman church dedicated to St. Eugenio, which dates back to the fourth century.
In 992, the bishop of Savona ordered the construction of a monastery on the island to pay homage to the saint, and it was given as a gift to the Colombian monks of Lérins, the monks of St. Colombano. Nowadays, the ruins of the monastery remain intact.
During the Middle Ages, another sighting tower was built on the ruins of the Roman one. Recently, a private villa was built on the island, but now it is empty and abandoned.
On the western part of the island, you can marvel at the pifferaio (Pied piper), a metal statue which represents a sitting human figure who plays a wind instrument. According to reports, the statue represents a shepherd who’s calling a little goat which is in the gardens of the promontory in front of the island, in Torre del mare. Actually, in such gardens, there’s a small metal statue representing a goat.
In all the areas it is strictly forbidden to do any activity which can disturb the animal and vegetal species, such as bathing, navigation, anchorage, mooring, use of water motors, water skiing, underwater fishing, fishing, aquaculture.

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